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Intimate New Zealand wedding

These two wonderful human beings tied the knot in Jamie's small home town in the middle of New Zealand's north island.

Jamie & Patrick currently live in Australia and traveled over to New Zealand to get married. Jamie is a born and bred Kiwi and they both decided getting married at her parents farm in Mangaweka was the perfect idea!

The day included a helicopter ride, which was my first time riding in one.

Jamie arriving to the ceremony in a bulldozer. This one makes more sense once you know they work at the goldmine together and drive bulldozers for work!

And some gorgeous locations on the family farm that I still can't get over.

I loved that every location we photographed at had family history and the fact the whole family had gotten together to pull the entire thing off made it even more amazing.

Here is the epic moment Jamie arrived to the ceremony in a bulldozer, The surprise on Patrick's face was one of the best reactions to a ceremony arrival that I've ever seen.

After the ceremony we headed to the helicopter and I must admit I was slightly nervous! My nerves settled quickly when I was watching the amazing view and shortly we had landed at the top of a gorgeous hill Jamie had chosen for photos.

Lot's of Kiwi and Aussie jokes to be had ;)

Makeup by Javaana

Hair by Zacci Hair

Videography - Cherish Wedding Films

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