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Photo taken by the gorgeous Kate Roberge Photography.



I'm Tayla, a 22 year old elopement, equine and wedding photographer from Wellington, New Zealand.

I love to explore and document love stories from all over the world and I'm a firm believer of celebrating your love in a way that represents you.

I'm so glad that you've stumbled upon my page and I'm excited to share my work with you.

I have always been a huge bookworm, love video games, and get oddly attached to fictional characters, anime and Netflix series. I can walk and read a book at the same time better then I can walk and look at my phone.

I usually have coloured hair, which changes all the time.

I'm 5ft which is why my second shooter is always taller then me so they can reach things that I can't.

I've been riding horses since I was little and when I'm not out exploring with a couple, photographing a horse show or editing photos you will usually find me with the horses, either riding or coaching.

For some weddings my fiance Harry works with me as my second shooter. He was raised in Aussie, is great company on long trips for weddings and is a lot taller then me. (perfect second shooter basically)

We met when I was in school, now live together and our aim is to own at least three dogs once we buy a house.

We both love adventure and exploring new places. We are always up for new adventures especially when we have an amazing couple and a camera in hand.

My journey into photography wasn't a planned one, nor did I think it would end up being my career. I will make this long story short so it doesn't become an essay (I hate writing essays so will avoid that if I can!)

When I was fourteen my only focuses were horses and school, so when I had a major fall and snapped my femur, all of a sudden I couldn't ride and lost my main hobby. My parents got me a camera for Christmas soon after in the hopes I could focus on taking photos of horses while I couldn't ride.

Unfortunately for me what was supposed to be a eight week recovery lasted just under 2 years. Therefore I had a lot of time to focus on photography so when I did get back into riding I continued with the photography as well.

I can't give you an exact moment but as I grew up and experimented with my photography I slowly fell in love with photographing couples. At the same time I was falling in love for the first time (with my boyfriend Harry) and I think that made me realize what a special feeling it was to capture in a picture.

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