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Album options

Queensberry products are handmade to the highest standards and guaranteed accordingly.

The heart of every photographic product is the printed image and the stock it's printed on. Queensberry card and paper stocks are chosen for their quality, durability, appearance, and suitability for purpose. All are pH-buffered to ensure they remain acid-free over a lifetime. Printing equipment is carefully callibrated, managed and maintained to produce accurate colour and long-lasting prints.

Industrial processes work best if everyone buys the same. Queensberry's workflow is high-tech and their printing state of the art, but all their albums are handmade to order using traditional methods — one-off, personalised and unique.


Queensberry is a family company based in New Zealand, its products created by a close-knit team that cares.  Because their products are handmade, they offer rewarding jobs to a skilled staff, many of whom have worked together for decades. They're proud to deliver a world class product, and proud to be part of a team that trust, respect and care for each other. And that’s precisely why we love working with them :)


True photographic (silver halide) prints offer high quality, longevity and very affordable prices. All three are the result of constant refinement over more than a hundred years. Because the image is embedded in the paper stock they're ideal for albums.


Our album covers come in Genuine Leathers (Classic, Contemporary, Vintage), Micro Leathers and Faux Leathers, Buckrams, and Linens.

Choosing images

When choosing images you can choose all the ones you would like included or you can choose your favorites and leave the rest for me to choose. We can change and adjust images before it gets sent through,


Albums are presented in our standard soft suede bag and grey presentation box unless upgraded


Option 1

12x9" Vertical or horizontal
20 Pages | 40 Sides (80-120 images)


Option 2

10x10 Square
10 Pages | 20 Sides (30-50 images)



Option 3

14x10" Vertical or horizontal
20 Pages | 40 Sides (880-120 images)




Extra Pages - $25 per page

Title Page (personalised translucent title) -$25

Parent Albums

Reduced size copies of the original album with plain covers and medium pano pages.

5 inch - $200

7 inch - $280

10 inch - $350

If a Parent Album does not suit, and you would prefer an exact copy of your own album, you will receive 15% discount off the duplicate

Designer Album Box - $200

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